Saturday, August 16, 2008

Home in Minnesota

We have a home. Movers came on August 15th.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Sign Forrest

We stopped in Whitehorse to visit the Sign Forrest. It had over 60,000 signs.

I forgot Bailey!

3 dogs, in a car, for 8 days!!!

The dogs did a great job in the car (surprisingly). Savannah just sat in the back enjoying the view. Bailey hates to ride in the car so he stayed as close to me as he could. And Bosco tried really hard not to fall esleep because he was afraid he would miss something.....often times he was doing the sleepy head bob. They did well camping, but preferred staying in a hotel, especially when the room had 2 beds!


These photos are from the beginning of the Alaska Highway-or for us the end (in Dawson Creek). The ALCAN was a 2 lane highway from Dawson Creek to Fairbanks. Most of the highway was paved, however many parts were similar to a rollar coaster due to the hard winters.


We saw a lot of wildlife on our 8 day trip to Minnesota. Animals include moose, caribou, elk, deer, mule deer, buffalo, fox, bear and something we are calling a wolf (I think it was just a big dog...but wolf sounds much better).

There was a stretch along the ALCAN Highway (aka, Alaska-Canada Highway) in which we crossed the top side of the Rocky Mountains.

Pipeline in Alaska

Before leaving Alaska, we stopped to see a section of the Alaska Pipeline. We figured it would be a tourist area, but were surprised when local residents didn't even want to tell us where we could see it. We obviously found it down a small dirt road. The Pipeline goes under the main highway and out the other end.

Stepping onto the Mainland

After a nights sleep, we arrived in Homer, Alaska. Within minutes of getting on the road we had already seen 2 moose and a baby moose. We had to also stop and play in the snow before leaving the Last Frontier!

Leaving Kodiak

We left Kodiak on June 11th on the "Trusty Tusty" (or as some say the "Rusty Tusty"). Stephen was very excited to be sailing away from the rock that we called home for 3 years. I, on the otherhand, wasn't as excited. I enjoyed living and working there and I met a lot of wonderful people. However, I don't miss it enough to go back!!

Where in the World are we?

Today we are currently in Ohio. We spent a week in Michigan enjoying the pool at my parents house, watching the Whitecaps, seeing friends, and going to Crystal Speedway (or as steve says, "A giant gathering of rednecks"). We will be attending a wedding this weekend, then we will be back to MI for another week. We are hoping to close on our house in Minnesota on July 31st.